Begging for mercy

(Inspired by a play through of “Until Dawn“)

Oh, death.
Sweet, sweet death.
Spare me this evening, I ask of you kindly.
For I am young, and have a full life ahead of me.
My hands are not wrinkled.
My face does not sag.
I would hate to sound prideful,
But I dont look like an old hag.
I have a new job,
Its going to so well.
I am thankful of my life,
If you can tell.

This is just one mistake,
it wont happen again.
I wont jump off this ledge,
So selfishly thinking, I pledge.
Please, don’t leave me
To feel this pain, and
Die alone.

The others were doing it,
I just wanted to do it, too.
I didn’t know they were merely pretending,
and didn’t explain how to
Fly without dying,
and soar over this society.

So, please, hear my cries,
And spare me for another time.
For I am full of life,
And I still have much to chime.


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