Oh! Come to me,

Sweet, decadent black liquid,

That which drives my very soul to momentum

With its intoxicating drug.

Let me drink, and fill me with energy.

For without you,

My very soul shall perish.

That which makes my heart pump,

The very insides that pour from my lips with your desire,

Speak to me.

Tell me not that you shall forsake yourself to others.

Tell me not of what buzzes

That I must cherish.

Tell me for I have ears that listen,

And speak!

Blub, Blub, Blub.

Oh, it speaks!

It’s words mimic the very rhythm of my life,

The very beat of my living muscle!

Speak again, and let me hear you.

Speak! Speaked, spaked, sparked, spiddled,

And cry unto me for you are the very glimmer in my sleepless orbs.

Blub, Blub.

Oh, it speaks again!

But, what is this? Shall I not be Thy only owner and master?

Shall I not be the only one to hoard your precious juices?

You traitor!

There is another?

How dare you!

I shall never share that which beats my very heart!


You cannot deceive me!

I will not allow such conceived lies!

Who? Who!

Wherefore, you have sound to which communication flows through!

Do not hesitate, tell me!

Inform unto me a name.

Any name, so that I may solve this problem.


He? She? Please, speak again!

Blub, Blub.

Others? More!

You mean to tell me there are more!

No, I will not stand for such,


Such ignorant passing of goods!


Never again will I sip.

Never shall you pass my lips in such an intimate manner!

You are dead to me.

Dead, I say! Dead!

Thou shalt not cry.

For I shall not weep.

We are finished,

And finished are we.


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