My Dearest Mina

My dearest Mina,

Your eyes were a soft blackness
     That glowed through the night.
Your hair,
     A raven’s silk mane.

Oh sweet, gentle Mina, tell me of all your accomplishments.
     Dearest friend, let me know of your caring.
Poe’s beast, with feathers like ink,
     Are a butterfly’s wing beat,
          Compared to your lily white kisses.

How you assist those in need,
     Like you’d always wished.

No patient of yours shall eye or speak,
     Of coins for the ferryman.
Instead, soar high above the cloud,
     With your imagination.

Sooth their anguish,
     Stop their pain.
Leave only my heart the one
     Bleeding in your wake.

Like the broken promises we swore,
     I give my word
          To never show
               The wounds you tore.

And to quote The Raven,
     I shall see you

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