My Story: Power to Rule

My Story Power To Rule

Currently being rewritten.

(Published under my former pen name B. J. Joke)

“The burning sun sent chills down her spine, cooling the frozen sweat upon her brow with a slight shiver. For such a hot day like this one, everything seemed so cold. Perhaps she should have brought her sweater along. Then, maybe she would not have felt so weak against its rays. Rubbing the thin, cloth bracelet around her wrist…”

If a power is forbidden, why does it exist for someone to use in the first place? Who forbids the power, and why are they forbidden? Within the walls of reality resides a world just like Louanne’s, with a few minor exceptions… Or rather, a few magical exceptions. As Louanne fights for freedom, a dark power awakens within her, and she begins to understand that this is a power to rule, or else be ruled.

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Kindle Edition – $9.99

Read first chapter – I: Parallel Worlds

My Story: Partners in Crime

Coming soon.

“To look to the sky, and see the gray and the rain, was agonizing. The blistering wind was invisible and the fog was felt just below the pads of her feet…”