Bridget Bales

The Namebjjoke resize

Formerly known as B. J. Joke, I decided to change my name after I discovered that people weren’t taking me seriously. Although my first book is still published under ‘B. J. Joke’, I plan on republishing it, with a better cover, and much better writing.

I have always taken on a persona when writing, or playing video games, or doing any sort of online blogging. However, as I grow in this world, I have discovered that there is more hassle than worth in a pseudonym. I have become Bridget Bales, and it is now more me than any other name I have ever used.

The Obsession

I write all the time. I don’t think I could stop writing if I tried. If I am not physically writing, or typing on my computer or phone, I am writing in my head. It is almost always the first and last thought when I wake up and go to bed. I think of how to describe certain scenarios at work, coming up with conversations that two people might have with each other, or writing more, in my head, on whatever story or book I am working on at the time.

I have dozens of different story ideas in notebooks and on my computer, and I RP (role-play, or write stories with other writers, in layman terms,) through texting with my sister-in-law. I can barely read through a chapter in a book before I have to put it down and start writing my own work.

The Skill

I have been writing since I was twelve, and I have been a published author, with Tate Publishing, since July, 2014.

Although I did not go to college, and my highest form of education was only a high-school degree, I have learned how to read and study other writings, and copy other techniques to improve my own. I am constantly improving my writing and am extremely critical of my older work, to the point where I feel that I failed at writing when I finish a piece of work, instead of being proud of what I had accomplished. Sometimes it gets me so down, I just want to rip it all up and throw it away.

And, other times, I write just amazing and unique pieces, and it makes me feel really good about my writing. Even my ‘editor’, now ‘ex’ boyfriend, who is mentioned on the back of my first book, admits I am talented and that I just need to practice more to improve my writing. At the very least, my first book isn’t the worst book he has ever read. And being an English major, he is very critical and brutally honest when it comes to judging writing.

It seems the more I read, the better I write. But, it has always been the reading part that I have had an issue with. Being an author, I find myself critiquing other authors’ works as I read them. I do not know if I have the experience to honestly point out the flaws in more experienced writers’ books. But, you don’t have to know how to sing, to know if a song is any good. I suppose the same goes for writing.

I have recently found a quote that has helped me move past my writing slumps. I do not know where the original quote comes from, so I cannot accurately give credit to the person who wrote it. But, it goes a little something like this:

“[…] I have my doubtful periods. I am ashamed of the things that I have written in the past. I am ashamed of the things I wrote last month. But when I wrote them, I thought that I was inspired. The hardest thing to bear is the sneaking knowledge that in a year or two from now, I shall be heartily ashamed of the things I am writing now. Still —?

The cruelest thing about this desire to write, is the hopeless hope that it engenders. Deep down in my heart, I know that I shall never get anywhere in this writing business. But who can tell? Sometime, tomorrow even, someone may find something marvelous in the things that I write.”

And this little something is what keeps me going.