Cosplay Project – Harley Quinn

I am a huge Joker fan. HUGE Joker fan. I only started watching Batman, as a kid, because there was always a promise that I would get to see the Joker. By that standard, I have always been a big Harley Quinn fan. And, hey, who wouldn’t want to dress up as Harley when you’re in love with the Joker. Er, I mean, like the Joker.

And this last year, when Suicide Squad came out, I was so freakin’ excited for the movie, I dressed up in red tights, black skirt, Harley shirt and pigtails to go see it. Unfortunately, I went to a twenty-one and over theatre, and it was little awkward. I was actually worried they weren’t going to let me in because I looked under age.

Anyway, Ill save my thoughts on the actual movie for somewhere else, not on my website.

Me at RadCon in Pasco, Wa, 2017

A month later I decided to fully deck out my costume, to make it a complete Harley Quinn outfit. And, I have to say, the leggings were really easy to make. And a lot cheaper than buying them online. I’ve got a big butt, so finding my size was nearly impossible. And getting the colors to match the dress I had my eyes on was a bit difficult as well.

I took a pair of black leggings I already had, and the red leggings I bought for the movie, cut them in half, and sewed the two ends together. Because the red leggings were made to look like pants, I took off the extra belt loops and pocket, and added them to the black legging once I sewed them together. The diamonds I made by sketching out 1, 2 and 3 inch diamonds on paper for templates, adding a ¼ inch seam and cutting them out on the leftover material, and using iron on interfacing to turn them into patches.

The gloves came from the other half of the pants that I did not need. I measured up to my elbow, sewed down one side to make them fit, and cut thumb holes in the seam near the top of the hem for gloves. It was far easier than buying them online, and hoping the colors matched.

The hairpieces were my favorite to make. I don’t really like dying my hair, so I ordered some cheap colored hair extensions online, and cut them in half, adding the leftover back to the top of the clip of the extension, so I had more hair on the hair piece. After a layer or two of super glue to make sure the hair stayed in place, I took some old ribbon and made bows out of them, gluing them to the top of hair extension. Simple, cute, and original.


The jewelry was made from a few pieces I had laying around my room.

The boots were bought at Walmart, along with the Harley Quinn bows that are on them.

The thick hairbands were from Dollar Tree.

The dress is from Hot Topic.

And the mask was an accessory my mom got from Adore Me.