My Story: Power to Rule Book Review Tour

Silverbow Promotions is hosting a review tour for my first book, My Story: Power to Rule!

Click the link below if you would like to sign up!

Don’t know what a book review tour is? No problem! I didn’t know that, at first, either. A book review tour is an online tour where readers and bloggers read an author’s book for free, in exchange for an honest review on amazon, your facebook page and/or your blog, if you have one. Participants will be entered into a drawing to win an amazon gift card and a signed copy of “My Story: Power to Rule”!

Tour dates are June 16th-30th!

Click the link above for more details, as well.

And have fun! I hope you all really enjoy my first book. Your honest opinion really matters to me.

– B. J. Joke


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